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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Freshen your look by decluttering your makeup stash

Did you know that all makeup has an expiration date?  Yes, I know, I know, you probably spent a pretty penny on that bronzer or concealer.  Let’s put it in perspective, would you eat rancid meat or drink spoiled milk?  Once makeup is opened, it has an expiration date.  Using old makeup can expose a person to a myriad of diseases.  It can expose you to bacteria which can cause infections and damage your skin. Using old makeup can cause breakouts to your skin if there is a presence of bacteria or it may not go on as well as it is supposed to.

Wearing expired eye makeup can cause you to have sties or conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, if you consider worst case scenario but that notwithstanding, do you want to risk having any type of redness or irritation on your skin, eyes or lips? Let’s consider the lifespan of most makeup. We’ll quickly run through a few items: Eyeliner and mascara have a shelf life usage of 3 months.  Face powder, eyeshadow or blushes have a shelf life usage of 2 years.  This is because powder types of products generally do not contain much moisture so bacteria don’t usually grow well.  It can, however, become more difficult to apply or become crumbly.  If you use cream based products, they have a shelf life usage of 6 months to one year.  Lipsticks can be good for 1 to 2 years. Most manufacturers don’t always place expiration dates on their cosmetics so it is up to us to protect ourselves.

So how do you store your makeup?  Is it strewn on the counter top and in drawers?  Do you keep it in a cosmetic bag and add your new products to your stash.  Let’s start being more responsible with our makeup by using modular systems that allow up to store makeup in one central location and start dating it. We can take pics of the products on our phone and add simple reminders to our calendars so we know when to throw out our old makeup and make new additions changing our color palettes as we evolve in our preferences and changing trends.

This may sound strange but smell makeup.  This is an easy way to determine if it has gone bad.  Lipstick can smell like cooking oil while bad mascara can take on a gasoline type scent.  If you periodically, smell your makeup you will learn quickly when it is time to discard it.  If a concealer becomes thick or an eyeshadow doesn’t seem as vibrant it might be time to go shopping.

Take a moment to visit: The Container Store to check out their selection of modular systems that can be used to store makeup.  Keeping your makeup and beauty supplies organized will make your life better because not only will you be taking better care of yourself.  You will hopefully have a better understanding what you are putting on your skin and you’ll choose to make more conscious buying decisions.